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When working in the design field, many of the job titles sound interchangeable. Whether it is a graphic designer, art director, senior designer, these roles play quite different parts in the overall design profession. The reason for their responsibility confusion is because many of these positions work closely together and all work in a collaborative and creative environment. So what are the responsibilities of these positions?


Graphic Designer

Those who are graphic designers work in both print and web-based visuals. Graphic designers create anything from logos, websites, to product designs. Designers are makers in this field. They are actually creating the final design with instruction from higher positions or from the client directly. Graphic designers have the technical skill set to create a visual design from concept to reality with their knowledge of design and design programs.


Art Director

An art director’s position is much different from the role of designers. Art directors are responsible for more of the management of the creative team. They ensure that the team is working effectively in bringing a concept to fruition. Art directors are found in the fashion, theatre, and film industry and plan the performances. Graphic designers in these industries are more utilized to create promotional materials found on the web and in print. Art directors understand the role of a graphic designer but do not necessarily create the work itself.


Creative Director

Many times, creative directors begin their careers as graphic designers, art directors, or copywriters. Creative Director’s responsibilities fall beyond just what happens internally. They communicate the marketing goals, focus on retaining clients in their portfolio, and grow the business in general. Creative directors are essential in creating an effective method to reach their market and their consumers. Their technical skills are not always relied on but they should have the capacity to create basic copy, designs, or select fitting typefaces.

What sets a creative director apart from a graphic designer or art director is that they do not need to rely on either their technical design skills or their management abilities. This position calls for them to focus their team members to meet the overall business objectives which were established by the client.