Karriem Muhammad

Creative Direction

About Karriem

Karriem Muhammad is the Creative Director of Speakerhead.com, a digital multi-media agency based in Los Angeles, California. Since 2001 www.speakerhead.com has assisted brands both large and small with various projects related to branding strategy, design, social media, and content development. The agency is dedicated to providing clients with high-caliber content that will get them noticed in an increasingly noisy world.

Since the time that he was a child, Karriem Muhammad has been involved in art. As a teenager, Karriem focused on graffiti. One day he saw a commercial for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and realized that attending the school would make him a better artist. His mother helped him apply to a summer program at the school which he was accepted to. The program taught him a lot, and Karriem later earned his Bachelor of Arts in New Media from the university.

While Karriem Muhammad originally started Speakerhead.com during his junior year in college, he revisited the business in 2011, revamped the website, and took control of his destiny. Karriem decided to focus on www.speakerhead.com because he wanted to be his own boss and assist clients with a wide array of services. Karriem’s favorite aspect of working at Speakerhead.com is the variety of work. One day he might work on a project related to virtual reality, and the next day his work could focus on interior design or marketing strategies. Getting the opportunity to take a client’s idea and transform it into reality is an opportunity that Karriem never fails to appreciate.

Success in Creative Directing and multimedia requires balancing the needs of numerous stakeholders. Clients tend to have strong opinions about the direction of the project, so Karriem must work hard to satisfy them and meet their demands. Plus, he has to ensure that his team of programmers and other graphic designers stay on track to complete the project on time.

Throughout his career, Karriem Muhammad has learned that failure is the best teacher. By failing, Karriem has learned how to be more focused and disciplined to achieve his goals. Karriem believes that failure ultimately teaches you how to be a winner. It teaches you persistence—one of the keys to reaching any goal. This mindset of never giving up is one of the qualities that separates Karriem’s work from competitors. Flexibility is another quality that Speakerhead.com offers clients. Also, as a result of his connections and experience in the industry, Karriem has access to a lot of resources that help him produce consistent, high-quality work.

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