Karriem Muhammad

Creative Direction

Graphic Design 101: Design for Beginners

by Karriem Muhammad | May 22, 2018

For anyone new to graphic design, the thought of beginning your design journey is likely daunting. This is especially the case for you if you’ve never been artistically inclined. Graphic design is an incredibly powerful skill – designers have the potential...

Creative Direction in Fashion

by Karriem Muhammad | May 24, 2018

Creative direction is needed in various industries in order to appeal to consumers and stand out from the competition. It is essential to be a pioneer as a creative director in order to set the standard for others in your industry to follow. Fashion is an industry...

The Differences Between a Designer and a Director

by Karriem Muhammad | May 28, 2018

When working in the design field, many of the job titles sound interchangeable. Whether it is a graphic designer, art director, senior designer, these roles play quite different parts in the overall design profession. The reason for their responsibility confusion is...

What Does a Creative Director Do?

by Karriem Muhammad | Mar 2, 2018

The role of a Creative Director varies from industry to industry. Whether you are the Creative Director for a major brand or a small boutique business, this position is crucial for enhancing a business’ brand to how the product’s product or service is presented to the...